Sunday, 30 December 2012


I never thought that this masterpiece from recently held 2012 SEMA CAR SHOW in LAS VEGAS was finally in hands and for the first time in full review. Please refer to my previous post on the entire 2012 SEMA CAR SHOW launched in LAS VEGAS here:

Let's have a look at the model..

Here, we have this marvelous car model which is just obtain it recently. I must say that this is a MUST have model! With the spectacular body color - SPECTRAFLAME CHROME SHINNY BLUE, full details on the front vehicle - head lights, smooth tiny red line on the center, sport lights & 2 different painted black grills. On the top surface, one bold stripe - MATTE BLACK outline with GLOSS BLACK from bonnet to roof top until rear trunk. Both side of the car has orange signal lights - front & rear. There's a dark blue longer HOT WHEELS tampo near rear wheels. Very detailed white wording CAMARO with white & red hot wheels logo near front doors. The windows is in smoke tinted color & the interior is in black color. The vehicle's base is in black plastic color with two screws attached to the dark grey casing's base.
At rear side of the vehicle, the car plate is in white color with black wording 'OCT NEVADA SEMA 12'. CHEVY logo is in gold & silver color at center. Red tail lights with black frame. Silver reverse lights. Lastly, the 4 exhaust pipes is painted silver color.

Anyone who is interested in this fine model can head to my ebay list here:

The auction last for 7 days and ended on - Jan 04, 201314:34:29 MYT. The item will be SHIP WORLDWIDE! :) Happy bidding & good luck!

I hope that MATTEL can produce more colors like this on other great castings like FERRARI F12 BERLINETTA or FORD FIESTA or maybe even the latest casting TOYOTA 2000GT!! haha..

Alright, folks.. thank you for visiting my blog and i hope you enjoy my blog, ok.
Will have more news coming up .. stay tune! Happy New year to you all & hope you all have a good health & great wealth in the coming year of 2013! :)

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