Monday, 10 December 2012


Hi everyone.. today is the happiest day that i finally have my dream came true AGAIN.. haha.. Why did i say AGAIN? This is because in my previous post ( i did mentioned that i dream of owning the FASTEST FERRARI EVER IN THE WORLD! (Of course, it is in 1/64 scale model) The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 1/64 scale from HOT WHEELS (MATTEL) has finally came out in the 2013 CASE CODE E!! It's seems like CHRISTMAS falls early this year in MALAYSIA eh.. haha..  But before i present the clearer photos of the carded.. i would really like to show my very first showroom for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta .. some sort like a little HOT WHEELS CAR SHOW LAUNCHING ONLY CAN BE FOUND HERE in my blog.. Ladies & gentlemen .. i present to you ..

How stunning do you think this is? For me, i think i can just stir at it.. for a very ..very long time now.. Haha.. This is one car that i think everyone should own one.. The casting is very much like a muscle-gentlemen kinda look sweat.. just look at it.. like a winner!! I really crazy about this model right now...

OK... let have a look at the carded ..
  This is INTERNATIONAL CARD EDITION. By the way.. this is a NEW CASTING FOR 2013 SERIES. Falls under the HW SHOWROOM - HW ALL STARS series.
 As you can see, the word FERRARI F12BERLINETTA was joint together. Just like the original wording in the real car Ferrari logo. Cool.. way too cool!! :)  But the F12Berlinetta logo was not found in the 1/64 scale casting. If you check on the front grill, there's no Ferrari's horse logo as well. There's Ferrari logo as well as the Pininfarina logo on the side tampo. Orange signal lights & silver dot (key hole) also at side tampos. Silver Ferrari wording on center rear trunk. The square Ferrari logo was found on center hood.

Alright. That's all for now. I hope you enjoy the photos & i will be updating more on the 2013 CASE CODE E soon.
Happy hunting & wish u all have a good day. :)


  1. this car loog great in red and the rims looks fabulous in silver

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  2. Thanks for your comment bro.
    Appreciate it alot. :)

  3. Is that you on picture #7? Hahaha

    1. ahaha.. i wish that were me, bro..
      So that i can drive it.. :D