Saturday, 15 December 2012


Hi everyone.. its has been happening everywhere in Malaysia where everyone (collectors) was so anxious to get all the super secret treasure hunt$ for the next year 2013 hw series! One of them is me.. haha .. Here, i will show the number 6th super/secret treasure hunt$ #238 '64 Buick Riviera. Let's have a look..
This car model really is something eh..
The body color SPECTRAFLAME DARK PURPLE is absolutely matching! I really crazy about color purple (besides pink color)! The windows is not really dark tinted. What's different about the regular version and the super treasure hunt$ version is that there is no tampos on top of bonnet & rear trunk. Check out the regular version (i only have the pictures for carded but i will have them loose & take lots of pictures soon).
Regular version uses CHROME 10SP WHEELS whereas the super TH$ uses rubber tires CHROME COBRA SPOKES WHEELS. Body color (regular ver) uses METAFLAKE DARK PURPLE (SHINNY METAL DUST ON BODY) & super TH$ uses SPECTRAFLAME DARK PURPLE. This model also consider THE MOST LOWEST car's body compared to all existing 2013 super TH$ to date (15.DECEMBER.2012).
Ever since the 1st super secret treasure hunt has been released ('72 Ford Gran Torino Sport), one of the things that cross my mind was - which one is the HEAVIEST, and then there has been several thoughts such as which one has the most highest numbers in body tampos and so on.. But the one thing has occurs to me that matters most (for me).. currently.. is that which one has the most LONGEST (IN LENGTH) BODY. Voala!! You are looking at it!! :D Let's take a closer look at the measurement..
About 8CM long..
That's really something eh.. '72 Ford Gran Torino Sport is consider to be NO.2 spot compare to the length with '64 Buick Riviera.

Not even a BONE SHAKER can compete with it.. haha.. :D
I'm not a fan for this model but overall.. i like the color alot.. PURPLE!!
There you have it, folks..
By the way, '64 Buick Riviera has already been released in HW 2007 mainline #147 (DARK PINK) both super & regular TREASURE HUNT.
That's all for now. Thanks for viewing my blog. Hope you all have a good day, ok. :D

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