Thursday, 13 December 2012


I've been ANXIOUSLY waiting for these superb body color which MATTEL has applied to '71 EL CAMINO SUPER/SECRET TREASURE HUNT$. I must say that i love it so much that i am happy to share with all who loved HW cars as well as the newbies. I try to take as much angles as possible & to reveal the true color of SPECTRAFLAME DARK BURNT ORANGE. Some might have other opinion such as DARK BROWN. But the genius about this color is that it can see through the metal/diecast body. The U.S. card edition has already out in the market after the INTERNATIONAL card released in late November 2012.
Alright.. let's have a deep look at the casting..
 I don't know about the rest of you but for me, at first, i don't really like this car. Not much of an adventure kind of car .. but once the spectraflame dark burnt orange was applied to its body.. one word came out of my thought ..WOW!!! It's not just about the body color only, it also reflex to the wheels it used. A dark gold chrome MAG STYLE 5 spokes wheels rubber tires, man.. its became like the dark ranger car eh.. With chrome plastic head lights, grill,exhaust pipes, front & rear bumpers, this is almost a perfect '70 cars already.The windows is in dark brown tinted color with black plastic interior & rear trunk. Quite a heavy car as well. OVERALL .. another great collection NOT to be miss!!

Will surely have more coming. please stay tune.
Thanks for viewing my blog & hope you all have a good day. :)

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