Thursday, 13 December 2012


The car was released in 2013 CASE CODE E which already out in the Malaysia's market (early to mid December 2012) and this is like THE MOST ANTICIPATED car of the 2013 series which i am proud to present you one of the finest casting which everyone has been talking about. Some countries haven't received this case code yet but you can still bid or buy it now at eBay site. The color is absolutely the best matching for a muscle car like this one. I've took some shots for the regular version of the '10 Ford Shelby GT500 Supersnake, which the body color appears to be lighter METAFLAKE GREEN compared to the super/secret treasure hunt$ model. Let's have a look at the regular version first, shall we..
As a regular version, there's always some parts that does not have tampos. For this model, the top surface of bonnet, roof top & rear trunk is blank. But it still looks cool as the side tampos have sharp looks especially the matching color of black & white tampos with silver words & the cobra logo. The wheels is in GOLD CHROME DOUBLE 5 SPOKES (PR5) wheels. Green & gold is always a matching color indeed. Let's have a deep look at the real thing here.. hehe.. :)
 Well. .. there you have it..
I just can't take my eyes off for this model.. its kindly like it actually has an attitude looking towards you ....felt like powerful .. strong.. it lets you felt like you can do anything.. that's just my point of view anyway. .. but i really like this model.. the interior is fantastic .. with all the gears & the details about the interior .. especially the dashboard .. and the seats too.

Nevertheless, all collectors should own this model.. just that the rear tail lights, FORD SHELBY logo was not apply to this model. With side mirrors & lower skirts, you have got to admire it alot. If this is to be rated, i say BEYOND 5 STARS RATED!!! haha.. :D

I guess that's all for now.. i will be updating more on super thunt$ model soon.
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Thank you for your time & hope to see you all soon. Take care. :D

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