Sunday, 30 December 2012


Out of nowhere, this fine DATSUN 240Z WHITE carded has been surface in our nation. All joys hail to this model as it is ONE OF THE HOTTEST cars since the 2011 TREASURE HUNT both SUPER & REGULAR version came out to boost the popularity of this great model. HUURAH TO THE JAPANESE CAR!!..Check it out..
And now, with WHITE body color, it is always said that WHITE will bring the body shape out of any type of cars to the highest rate. Let's take a look at the carded version.. :)

With a car like this, MATTEL will always choose to have a MUSCLE CAR wheels. This model is predicted to be available in the market somewhere in mid January to early February 2013. Even at this early stage, we have already spotted a variant. Normal version will have wording on the roof top whereas the variant is that there are no wording on the roof top. Check it out below..

No matter what, this model will be selling like hot cake all over the world. MATTEL has improved alot especially on the body color as well as the body tampos. LOTS of body tampos means 2 thumbs way up eh... :)  As long as MATTEL produce the cars with the likes and favor for many collectors around the world, they will have their business prosperous beyond their imaginations and last for many ... many years to come. Let's hope for the best .. shall we? :D

OK. i guess that's all for today. i really appreciate for all of you who has supported me for so long now.. i will always do my best to bring the best of news to your liking & pleasure, ok. Take care! :D

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