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Here, i would like to express that my love to this model - TWINDUCTION is to extreme! I love this casting ever since it released in 2011. At first, the poster appears to be green color (the larger one outside the list) and in the list, it appears to be orange color.
 So.. once received the first color - ORANGE, you might noticed the flames on bonnet & roof top are purple + white instead of orange, yellow & white flames. The key thing is that the engine & scoop were DIECAST/METAL and also it is separable from interior & body!! The engine & scoop casting are very detailed. Let's have a look.
 This is very exciting for customizers as you can customize all the imaginations you have on a casting which has all parts that's separable. If you look through a few years back, most of the HOT WHEELS engines were plastic & not so much details on it either. And now its an improvement we've seen so far. Here's are all parts of this model.
 This is the complete assembly. The original color of this car is ORANGE. This is not complete yet as i will apply some tampos to it to make it..well.. hopefully like convention style. hehe.. :)
 If you see on the top bonnet, the engine & body are separable.
 What i'm trying to point out here is that HOT WHEELS have make some changes to the engine & body. They have joint up together. This is after the 2nd color - GREEN & 2012 Mystery Cars - TWINDUCTION (LITE BLUE). But before that, let's have a look at the orange & green color version.
 If you look at the flames tampos, it is not the same as in the poster. The poster car has orange, yellow & white flames whereas the actual car has GREEN & YELLOW flames.
They both have separated body & engine.

But, as i gathered all the information on this Mystery Cars, which came out in 2012, there has been SOME VARIANTS spotted! First, there has been a joint body & engine, and also a separated body & engine.
Let's have a look.
 The pattern of the flames on the body are still the same. Just the color have changed.
But, what has been changed is the absent of the front head lights. First picture released from HOT WHEELS has the head lights on it.
But once the actual prototype has been released, the head lights is absent. And if you notice the engine, it is separated from the body as well in this picture below.
So, when i grab one of the recently released TWINDUCTION - METAFLAKE GOLD, while it is still in the bubble, everything has changed.
 Compared to the previous version.. much more detailed.
Furthermore, the width of the engine has shrink as well.
 The base has changed too .. check out the wording & HOT WHEELS logo.
Oh.. one more thing.. if it matters to you, the windows has never been changed until 2012 mainline edition METAFLAKE GOLD body color with TRANSPARENT LITE BLUE windows instead of the smoke tinted windows. 
Well.. if you haven't noticed any of these differences, do check out your collections for comparison, alright. I hope you get all the information needed.
Thanks for viewing my blog & your time. Have a good day. :)

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