Saturday, 3 November 2012


Recently, i have discovered that the 2013 HOT WHEELS mainline series NISSAN 350Z (WHITE) has been changing the casting by fixing the rear spoiler attached to the body and make it fixed. Since 2006 where this car first released, there's has not been any changes to the body until now.. Whether this is a good news or bad, it all depends on how you look at it. I have taken one of my customized Nissan 350Z from 2011 HOT WHEELS series to compare with the recently released photo from MATTEL. Let's have a look ...
 As you can see, the pattern of the spoiler still the same but it can never be removable as it is fixed to the rear trunk. But HOT WHEELS has come up with a new tampos which looks so .. yummy by the looks of it. .. So grab your NISSAN 350Z this late November when it first hit the U.S. shelve, alright.
Thanks for looking and hope you all have a good day.. :)

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  1. Don't you ever notice that this Nissan 350z 2013 has a lot of T hunt symbol in its body? one is orange at the upper part of the back tire? and also you can spot a t hunt symbol in the front near the front tire in blue...I got mine in white t hunt question is, is this a car an officially a T-hunt? am going nuts trying to search the web of a real confirmation..oh and check the card art of this car too...the circle symbol for t hunt is clearly visible