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Ever since the newest Ferrari F12 Berlinetta launched on March 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show in the Swiss city of Geneva, (i have wish that MATTEL will make the casting of the same car). The show is hosted at the Geneva Palexpo, a convention centre located next to the Geneva Cointrin International Airport. Finally, my wish came through when i first spotted Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is in the 2013 mainline list as well as the 1/18 scale elite model .. But before we have our first sneak peek, let's have a look at the RISE of THE FASTEST FERRARI EVER UP-TO-DATE!!

Sketches of the F12 Designed

During the launching of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on March 2012, words has spread so fast that covers almost all the cars' & related car magazine covers throughout the year! Check it out..

                          AUTOWEEK (MARCH.2012)   -  AUTOCAR_NEW ZEALAND 


                                  TOP GEAR (APRIL.2012)  -  EVO (MAY.2012)

            TOP GEAR_MALAYSIA (MAY.2012)    -    FORZA (JUNE.2012)        

                                                       MOTOR TREND (JUNE.2012)

                                 CAR_INDIA (JULY.2012)  -   AUTOCAR (AUGUST.2012)

                         AUTOWEEK (AUGUST.2012)   -  CAR (AUGUST.2012)

                   TOP GEAR (SEPTEMBER.2012)    -  AUTOCAR_NEW ZEALAND        

                                 CAR (SEPTEMBER.2012)   -  MEN'S JOURNAL (OCTOBER.2012)

                  EVO ISSUE 174 (OCTOBER.2012)  -  TOP CAR (OCTOBER.2012)

         ROSSO_JAPANESE (OCTOBER.2012)   -  EVO (OCTOBER.2012)

                      TORQUE (OCTOBER.2012)        -  ROAD & TRACK (OCTOBER.2012)

       AUTOMOBILE (NOVEMBER.2012)        -  FORZA (DECEMBER.2012)

I was shocked to see soo.. many magazine covers that covers the stories & headlines of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta! As you can see.. it has already officially declared that this is the FASTEST FERRARI EVER DESIGNED & BUILT in today's modern world!.. Its like the combination of both its predecessor Ferrari FF & Ferrari 599XX. I really can't get enough of this beauty & hope you feel the same bear with me, ok. :)

Let's head to GENEVA MOTOR SHOW where it OFFICIALLY debut & opens to the public..shall we..
 At first, when i first saw the way they present the car & all the announcement.. this is very very cool.. Check it out..

This is the part where they present the power of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta! 

All the details about the F12.

During the show, we will see this in more details here on still photos..

Everyone there were like so..anxious to see the real thing.. including me of course..hehe..

Once the cloak pull off from the car, this scene really captured everyone's attentions.
Cameras starts shooting with all the flash lights.. How cool can this get.. eh..  

All eyes are on this beauty.. see all the crowds..really amazed us all..

Even the attendee can open the car's door & snaps a few shots eh..

How awesome will these gets..

I guess not all attendee can touch the car though.. see where there is a fence to separate from others..
probably only those who has the permit..

Here are the rest of the views..

The rear lights are amazing!!

One funny thing about the rear is that it looks like the Uterus! Haha.. :) 
The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was also launched at Garden Sampoerna Strategic, Jakarta, Indonesia on the 2nd of September 2012.

 Way too cool the F12 eh..
Even Global Superstar Aaron Kwok, known throughout Asia Pacific as one of  'the Four Heavenly Kings' reveal his passion for the Prancing Horse! 
During the Geneva Motor Show, i wanted to know who is the announcer for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. And it sounds easy just type in the question in google search and you already have his name.. No.. it took me half a day just to find out who this great man is..

You have seen him here..
Waving at the crowds..
Waving back at you.. luckiest man in the word!
Alright .. alright.. He is the Boss of Ferrari.. The Chairman of Ferrari .. The man responsible for all Ferrari's mass production.. He is Luca di Montezemolo (Italian). Cool huh.. 

What's even cooler is that he has been named the “European Manager of the Year” for 2012!!

Even the BBR Models supply presentation for this event. The 2012 Geneva Presentation model is in 1/43 scale and was designed special for its display and cover. Let's have a look..

 If you see the base carefully, there's a number 11/60 which means that this model only produced 60 pieces only. So this must be very very rare & hard to find item eh.. This really blow my mind!! 

There's one site posted various colors of the F12 which commonly seen in Ferrari range of colors.
All these colors were digitally edited to a real stunning colors indeed..
 Well..MATTEL finally obtains the rights to produced their own brand of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.
Check out the still early version of 2013 HW SHOWROOM series #174 Berlinetta F12 Berlinetta (RED) which will fall under CASE CODE E and will be in stores in early til mid of January 2013.

For the HOT WHEELS version, the front fender seems to be missing out the Ferrari HORSE logo in the middle. Just like the previous version of the 2012 Ferrari FF (RED) which i have mentioned in my previous post:

The rear looks nice.. OVERALL ..5 out of 5 RATED!! Haha.. :D
Thanks for visiting my blog and will update more for the pleasure of all, ok. See ya! :D

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