Saturday, 17 November 2012


As the 2013 mainline CASE CODE B has already arrived in some countries, i've gathered all the info about the 2013 HOT WHEELS #23 TOYOTA AE-86 COROLLA BLACK (Current dated: 17.NOV.2013) which has some interesting sight on this MOST ANTICIPATED cars of 2013! First of all, let's take a look at the car's tampos.
 White painted head lights. White JDM & JCCS logo on bonnet.
 Cool Japanese wording. Chrome rims with BLACK MUSCLE CAR 5 SPOKES (MC5) WHEELS.
 The interior parts..
Only 1 driver seat with cool detailed NOS near driver's seat. Cool interior designed indeed!!
 The car was then painted CANDY RED (just to see more detailed on the outer parts of this car.
 Very detailed windshield's wipers.
 At rear windshield also have single wiper.
 Overall, i say this is a very very detailed casting indeed! 5 out of 5 RATED!! Hahaha.. :D
OK. now.. Ever since this car has been announced way back in September 2012, the first carded was spotted with these two version..(which i already mentioned in my previous post)
The one on the left side is INTERNATIONAL CARD (W/O TEAM HW MEMBERS) & the other one is U.S. CARD (W/ TEAM HW MEMBERS).
 Later, SHORT CARD VERSION was spotted in UK.
In late OCTOBER 2012, HOT WHEELS 9 PACK was spotted. And this packed is EXTREMELY RARE.. with 2 HOT WHEELS TOYOTA AE-86 COROLLA (BLACK) cars was in the pack!
This is ONE OF A KIND of 9 pack that we will never be seen again after auction ended in eBay site not long ago (which was also mentioned in my previous post). Then in early NOVEMBER 2012, HOT WHEELS 2012 3 PACK was spotted in eBay. The pack consist of:
- 2012 '70 PONTIAC GTO (BLACK)
 And so, after all these differences in carded & packs that HOT WHEELS has produced, here comes the faulty or errors surfaced on the net.. First, let us look at the windshield that is not properly install on the casting..
 These was captured in youtube uploader (WheelsNThangs). At first, i think he didn't realized that the car is in error state and he just tear it up to get the car out.. Ouch!! .. If only he didn't open up, that would be a piece of a very valuable item in years to come.. So.. here it is .. in his hand now..
 As he puts the car to spin around to have a overview look at the car, somewhere in the middle, then he suddenly just realized that this car is actually have a faulty on the windshield..
At least we get the see that the base rivet is intact. If you see close enough, the rear body casting is higher than the front wheels (for right side view). And on the other side of the view, both front & rear between the body & wheels' distant is quite far away.
Well.. at least he gets to keep the car loose in hands... with faulty..
Here's another faulty in SHORT CARD edition..
The car's position is in wrong position.
Later, there's a long card version with no windows!! This is the first error spotted!
You can still buy this error car in eBay and auction ends on 16.DECEMBER.2012. GOOD LUCK! :)
And today (17.NOVEMBER.2012 - Saturday), another error has been spotted in eBay. The TOYOTA AE-86 has no tampo! Another great collection not to be miss.. Auction ends on 24.NOVEMBER.2012 - 09:05:04 MYT). Hurry.. if you intend to get this.. :) Check it out..
Oh.. one more thing.. the bottom of the card & bubble is dented.. 
 This is the U.S. Card version. But just look at the car in BLACK!! Damn cool eh... :) Very RARE indeed..
Alright then.. i guess that's it for now..
I hope you enjoy the pics and info, ok.
Thank you for your time & hope you all have a great day!  :D


  1. What kind and brand of candy red paint did you use? The application looks flawless.

    1. Hi. The candy red i used has no brand but was asked from the shop to custom made it for me. It uses 2 tones in order to get this flawless look. I will write an article about these wonderful candy color soon. Stay tune and stay updated. hehe..

      Thanks for the comment, Adamantite. :D

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