Sunday, 17 August 2014


Today, we have our first look at the very first 2015 Super TH$ Volkswagen Kool Kombi in U.S. carded form. As early as in mid August 2014, we can expect to see more upcoming super treasure hunt$ soon. At the mean time, check it out.
                               2015 #73 KOOL KOMBI (US LONG CARD EDITION)
                                                    SUPER TREASURE HUNT$

If you compare to the regular version of the same edition which i wrote in my previous post here, you can see that the front cover of the Kool Kombi's rear view has been chopped off. So, it is not a full view of the vehicle. Sometimes, these cards has some changes and the Mattel stuffs might make some little mistake. Just like what happen in 2013 mainline edition for the first Super Treasure Hunt$ #242 '72 Ford Gran Torino Sport which has a fire symbol with round circle surrounded it which this symbol soon-to-be for regular treasure hunt series models.

And also if you look at the printed "KOOL KOMBI" at the bottom of the front cover, it also miss out the main brand name - VOLKSWAGEN which previous model in 2013 and 2014 mainline series has it.

So, for now we will have to wait to see more of any variations that might occurs in this very first Super TH$. Remember folks, the first ones always has some kind of variations and sometimes on its casting and the body tampos as well. Keep your eyes open wide, ok.

Thanks for viewing my blog. More updates will be coming up soon. Take care guyz! See you around soon. :D


  1. Do you know if there exist $TH short cards in Europe ?

    1. There are super thunt$ on short card but its definitely extremely rare to find one.. especially if you were to collect a complete set. Rather, most people would prefer long card edition though. :)

    2. Do you know for sure ? (international Shot) I never find one and im looking alot. :(
      I dont care for value.. I thing im Looking unnecessarily.
      I have seen some photos in Net.. but i m not sure if its real.

    3. Well, to ensure if its real or not, always check on the card displaying the car as now for 2014 and 2015, there's either have tampo on top surface of the car when normal car don't have or both side of the car has tampo when normal car don't have them. its easier to spot now. Hope this will help. :)