Sunday, 10 August 2014


When we just so wanna get our hands on the last Super Treasure Hunt$ of 2014 - Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon (Spectraflame Red), admiring the beauty of it and most of us still unable to obtain one for collection, 2015 1st Super Treasure Hunt$ - Volkswagen Kool Kombi (Spectraflame Dark Green) has already been spotted! No carded form has been sighted at this time. T-Hunted site already has an early sneak peak of this model in the beginning of August 2014. Check it out..
The very first picture was spotted in mid of May 2014. This is the one.

During that time, i was manage to custom one almost like it just to have a feel of what it really really looks like.. At that time, the angles that were sighted was a part of the front view and a little part of the side of the vehicle is viewable. After it takes a few days time to completed it, let's have a closer look at most of the angles that i took to share it with you, ok.
The side tampos was almost alike just the wordings 'SURF SHOP' was not bold enough.. the interior brown color supposed to be lighter but that is just my opinion. If you look at the original version, the rear interior - the surf bords, rear seat and the engine was not painted with colors. So i just follow the 2014 Red Line Club M&M Exclusive Volkswagen Kool Kombi (Gold Chrome body color) which painted the rear interior with colors. And it is way better than no color... hehe.. :D  Luckily, the original model uses Chrome plastic base just to highlight more to bring it more attractive. Oh.. i forgot, the rear tail lights was not painted too as well as the roof top. The Real Rider Rubber tires that the original uses was the perfect match for it! I really like this wheel so much.. but i haven't venture for a Gold Chrome Steelie Wheels just yet. Might have been even better.. Well, the imagination really runs wild for this model. :) The only tampo that i have missed out is the Hot Wheels logo on both side of the body tampos. Oh.. the side tampos... really really nice.. seems like a wood style pattern outlined by light skin brown color. Very nice... indeed! :D

Whereas for the front vehicle, the brown stripes tampos doesn't really bring much contrast to it. Maybe highlight the entire stripes with lighter Silver or Chrome would do it. If you noticed the front Volkswagen logo, the original uses Silver color but i think for me, too much silver won't suited for it. So i color it White. Much better, don't you think? :)  But overall, no matter what people say about this casting, it really makes ones really....really hungry for it cause its VOLKSWAGEN indeed! :D

Like all of you out there, good luck in hunting this one down cause it might be one of the best casting yet to be enlisted in next year's Super Treasure Hunt$ list eh.. :)
Thank you for viewing my blog and all your time.
I will be seeing you all soon. Take care! :D

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