Saturday, 9 August 2014


As you might aware that since the mass spreading of the Super Treasure Hunt$ Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon has been on sale at net, one special thing that caught my attention is that not just the variants in wheels that we have seen (in my previous post) but also the front grill of this vehicle. Some have it and some don't. Check it out.

Even with the so called "Employee's Prototype" version with the used of different real rider rubber tires, there's also has been spotted with no front grill edition.
This is the only one found so far on the net sold with incredibly high value at the end of the auction.
Even the ones that sell in bulk, doesn't seems to have found the one without front grill edition.
If you look closely on those front grills, they all have it accept that the ones on the back roll which was not been captured in photo. Even the carded ones - whether it is the INTERNATIONAL OR U.S. LONG Card edition (the International Short Card edition hasn't appear on net yet), there hasn't been much details on the front grill edition so far.

Originally, from the first edition of this casting, which is in the 2013 Boulevard series, it has the front grill pattern.
The ones that lamley group (blogger) found - whether it is regular or super TH$ version, has front grill edition.
I only manage to found one without front grill edition so far for now. Regular THunt edition.
So, for those who likes to collect this in full, always check with your seller to obtains the ones that you need, whether it has front grill or not. And for the wheels variant, it is safe to say that for now, just keep looking for the carded edition with all those variants in it is the best for ones collection. And for those who really wants it all, be patient and sometimes, you never know what you will find in the future that someone might let go of their collection and you will find what you are looking for, alright. Now, despite all these variants that we have seen so far, this model will be appear in 2014 Hot Wheels Mainline Q Cases. So look out for the official release which is expected to arrived in the Europe and U.S. regions in mid of August to early September 2014.

Hopefully there ain't gonna be lots of variants when this wave arrived eh.. :)
Alright then. Thank you for viewing my blog and will definitely have more updates just for you!
See you soon. :D

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