Friday, 17 August 2012

Some of the cars here are released way back in July 2012 til now for the August 2012 releases.
these are the cars that is in hands now...
From left to right: 2012 '12 Camaro ZL1 YELLOW (Kroger US Exclusive), Fast Gassin BLUE(WALMART EXCLUSIVE) & Porsche 911 GT2 YELLOW
2ND Roll: '70 Plymouth AAR Cuda BLUE (WALMART EXCLUSIVE), '70 Dodge HEMI Challenger BLACK & Bone Shaker BLACK.

These are all very interesting colors & definitely a must have for all collectors out there!
For Bone Shaker, as always, body & base are make of diecast / metal. And this time the color is in BLACK with HOT WHEELS logo on both sides. It seems black is always the best suited choice for this vehicle.
As for the Porsche 911 GT2 YELLOW, it has been long waited for the first time to have this color as the 6th color version since it first released in 2010 where the first color is BLACK.

As sporty as the photo speaks for itself eh...
Well.. definitely Hot Wheels might release a GREEN Porsche maybe in the near future... What do you think? not the ordinary green but the treasure hunt kind of color .. SPECTRAFLAME GREEN??  :)
Alright folks.. Will be continue with more info on the next topic of variations or error.
Thank you for viewing my blog and your time. Have a good day.

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