Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hot Wheels 2012 P Case With Super THUNT$

In this case, i have do some research and came up with all these cars listed in the picture.
As you can see, this is a very good case for anyone who wish to get some of these awesome cars..
Like the secret hidden treasure hunt super '09 Ford Focus RS Spectraflame Dark Red!!
Check it out...
this is the super hidden treasure hunt that i am talking about.
is it too ... awesome!!!
the regular version ..

The red is really bright & i like the red so much..
Soon.. i will upload the carded super & regular '09 Ford Focus RS.
About the 2012 Hot Wheels mainline P Case, one of the cars was not in there, like:
1. Hiway Hauler 2 (the newest version of past hiway hauler - a little smaller too).

So, folks.. look out for this one.. its really really nice truck indeed..
Well...i am really excited about this case.. really really worth it.
and here i have some more cars taken out of the blister..
Ferrari 458 Italia Spider (Yellow) - second color of this year.
 2012 Volkswagen Beetle (Metaflake Dark Red)
 Scooby-Doo (Mystery Machine)
 Red Bird (Angry Birds)!!

So.. What do you think of the car.. i mean the red bird.. very very cute indeed ya!!..
That's it for now, people..
Been very busy these few days now.. preparing for more cars to be updated here..
Til then.. see ya! :)

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