Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hot Wheels 2012 Upcoming Q Case Cars!

During this early morning, as i surf through the net..
i saw the impossible which blows my brains out!! ...The... 2012 ... Q CASE.. mainline.. US Card edition!!
These are the cars listed below..
[note: i just got the 2012 P case US card edition on Monday(6.August.2012) and now already this Q case]
The Mar's Rover Curiosity (WHITE) has already been the highest demands so far as it is uniquely designed for those who loved cars with imaginative designs..
Not to miss the Minion of the ANGRY BIRDS.. GREEN color.. it is too cute!!!
and the body is diecast same as the ANGRY BIRDS - Red Bird.
With these two together.. they can fight again ... with HOT WHEELS STYLES!!

Ok.. let's get back to the 2012 Q case..
as you can see.. the Volkswagen Bettle - VIOLET.. the back of the exhaust pipe is now metal!
just like the previous color, deep dark blue, the exhaust pipe is not metal but plastic. only the walmart edition, you can find the whole engine & exhaust pipe is in metal.
STREET CREEPER is something new to have fun with.. i like the style of a old wild wild west eh..
what do you think?
'12 Camaro ZL1 now comes with the 4th color edition.. GREEN! Not to mention the previous SEMA & 2011 TOY FAIR edition, which comes in SPECTRAFLAME RED & GREEN respectively.
And the rest of the cars is awesome.. more colors has raise up to fit the needs of all collectors out there eh.. will update more on the upcoming 2012 WALMART EDITION - REDLINE 10 CARS SET.
Thank you for your time & have a great day!

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