Saturday, 18 August 2012

2011 / 2012 Hot Wheels ERRORS & VARIATIONS SPOTTED!!

For the meantime as we wait for the release of 2012 Q case, lets have a look at what i've managed to find in the 'warehouse' of mine.... 
So far as what i've found during stock checking, i manage to captured some of what we called error or some might called it variation. I've listed some here just to shared it with the world what cars there is and what is the differences / errors / variations.

First, we have this 2011 #90 '71 Mustang Boss 351 GREEN WITH PINK WINDOWS!!
 Not much found for this model & not much were found in ebay or anywhere else.. but if someone were to found the same car as this one.. please share it here, ok. Thanks.

2011 #45 Ferrari FF RED with horse logo (found in US CARD EDITION) and without horse logo (found in INTERNATIONAL CARD EDITION).

 2012 #4 Ford Falcon Race Car WHITE with GREY 10 SPOKES & GREY WIRE LACE SPOKES WHEELS.

 Now, here's an interesting variants..
2012 #12 Lamborghini Aventador ORANGE with various BASE NUMBERS & the Hot Wheels logo stamped on base has LONG HW LOGO & SHORT HW LOGO. Let's have a look..Oh.. one more thing.. one of the signal missing at rear near rear wheels..

2012 #106 '66 Chevy Nova STEEL BLUE with PINK WINDOWS!

2012 #121 Lamborghini Reventon YELLOW with BUBBLE / BLISTER UPSIDE DOWN.


Alright.. i hope this could be a little help for those newbies or hardcore collectors out there to look for more variants / errors / factory faults / weird differences that you can find and hope to share it with me here on my blog, ok. Will have more news on hot wheels stuff coming soon.. Thank you again for your time & thanks for viewing my blog.

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  1. did you have any information regarding HW Showroom Chevrolet SS (in card stated 2012) with black Gasket tampo ?