Thursday, 21 March 2013


As the 2013 MAINLINE SERIES J CASE has been released recently, we finally have the pleasure to have a closer look at this wonderful new casting which has just released during mid of March 2013 as the very first casting from Hot Wheels in 1/64 scale model. This Lotus was based on the real car model which was debuted early last year at Geneva Auto Show and its name is much longer than what has been named by Hot Wheels - LOTUS EVORA CUP GT4. Let's have a look..

 Isn't this cool? The shape of this car really makes you wanna take a fast ride just to feel the power in it eh.. i just can't imagine if this were to be present in front of you & let you have a test drive at your nearest Lotus branch center!! Keep up the good work engineers of LOTUS! Make us proud all the way throughout many of the good years to come.. surprised us, alright! hehe .. :P
  We are so lucky that Mattel has acquired the license for coming up this great casting that everyone who loved sport cars such as LOTUS should have own one of this model. Let me show you why..
If you look at the side tampo, there is a yellow wording 'EVORACUP/GT4'.
It's almost like the real car & the body tampos is very precise on all positions.
Let's compare with the older model - LOTUS M250 (long ago it was named LOTUS PROJECT M250).

 Judging by the looks of both cars, they do have their own look & LOTUS M250 still have the modern looks of a sports car til today. But frankly speaking, i still like the bulky looks of the rear view of LOTUS M250. Its give you a sense of superior kind of feel. Like the feel of wanna win all races. The LOTUS wording is still intact on the rear of M250 but for EVORA, there's non. One thing which is still the same is the front windshield and side windows. That's where it give the executive looks of a racing car! I really like the spoiler for EVORA. Really really stunning designed.

Overall, everyone should own this model no matter what.. coz it is amazingly wonderful designed indeed. For me it is still speechless.. i can't put an exact word for this model. Really really something special about this model..

I hope you all enjoy the pics & will be back for more updates especially to all fans of HOT WHEELS.
Thank you for all your time & good day to you all, ok. See ya! :)


  1. Thanks for the information..

    1. You are welcome, Ken. :)
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Just bought 1 Lotus M250 at Jusco yesterday. Only 1 left, what a luck. Lately its hard to find sports cars. Everybody looking for it. Huh...

  3. Lucky you, bro.
    Yeah, its true.. this year's HOT WHEELS are all about sports car.
    Every cases starting from early this year has sold out so quick.
    All the good cars are in the cases.
    Hopefully they will have more stocks coming in for all the grab it.
    I believe the second color of LOTUS M250 has been spotted which is Orange color if i am not mistaken. Cheers, bro. :)