Sunday, 24 March 2013


Just to share with you all that the 2013 HW CITY - FAST & FURIOUS TOYOTA SUPRA (ORANGE) INTERNATIONAL CARD has been released in Malaysia & first seller on eBay has already uploaded for sell! Check it out..

I've already mentioned the MAINLINE U.S. card edition as well as the OFFICIAL MOVIE MERCHANDISE (U.S. CARD ONLY) here for you to see and make comparison for it. and here:

For those who didn't know & wish to know more about the card edition, ones who wish to collect all 'SPECIAL PRINTED TOP LOGO' carded editions, there will be 5 different cards edition to be a full collection of just one type of car model NOT to include the VARIANTS / BODY COLOR / CARD ERRORS & CARS' ERRORS. And if you look carefully on the car printed on card & the car model itself, here are the differences:
- Front bonnet has no tampo on it.
- Spoiler is in ORANGE color instead of SILVER.
ATTENTION! - *This is NOT AN ERROR CAR* please compare it with the official movie merchandise edition.
This is what we called it an 'ECONOMY EDITION' because MATTEL is mass producing this model in mainline edition & limited production for movie merchandise edition. So, better grab it fast while you still can before stocks run out. The OFFICIAL MOVIE MERCHANDISE EDITION which you will have the pleasure to see ALMOST all the body tampos needed based on the movie car in THE FAST & THE FURIOUS (1ST MOVIE). Let me show you the OFFICIAL MOVIE MERCHANDISE EDITION in more detail.
So, for you guys out there, DO NOT MISTAKEN by the 2013 MAINLINE EDITION & THE OFFICIAL MOVIE MERCHANDISE - FAST & FURIOUS EDITION, ok. The prices for each editions will be different. The official movie merchandise edition will be release somewhere in late March to mid April this year to cope with the newly release of the movie FAST & FURIOUS 6 (US RELEASE DATE: 24.MAY.2013) & the first 3 countries (Belgium, France & Italy) will have the pleasure to watch the movie in first hand! (according to

So, there you have it, folks.
This is one of the highly anticipated series that will catch alot of attention in the world!
Do not miss out on this series as it will be very valuable item in the few years to come! If you know what i mean.. :)
Good luck to you all & thank you for watching my blog & your time, ok.
See you all soon. Take care. :D


  1. Tuesday, March 26th, 2013
    6:10 AM (Eastern Standard Time / -5.0 hrs GMT)

    Hey there kelvinator21 ...

    Just wanted to thank you for all of the work that you put into maintaining this blog of yours devoted to the Hot Wheels diecast toy line.

    I've dropped by now and again to get the latest updates as to what is coming down the Hot Wheels "pipeline" / "assembly line" (so to speak), most notably for the Treasure Hunt / Secret Treasure Hunt vehicles.

    With your help, I have been able to hit the toy aisle at several local department stores to comb through the pegs of Hot Wheels to see if I could happen upon one or more TH series vehicles. ;-)

    Additionally, I do like the idea of Mattel having scrapped the green striped TH logo on the cards in favour of the TH or the flame circle tampo ON the vehicles themselves. Kind of levels the playing field so to speak.

    Reason being, is that way back in the mid 1990's, when the TH series first came out, I worked for a large "big box" style department store that had an extensive toy section in it. And sure enough, other employees who were in on the whole collecting thing would raid the boxes of Hot Wheels / SPAWN figures / Barbie Dolls / etc. BEFORE the toys even had a chance to hit the sales floor.

    Regarding the HW's ... anyone who spotted the green TH stripe immediately grabbed THAT car / cars and either purchased them or squirreled them away in the back stockroom. So for the average collector, they'd never see a TH car hanging on a peg if they searched for one.

    I did come across a couple that I wound up planning to purchase, then thought, 'ah well ... I don't really need these cars at the moment ... so I'll just put them out there on the peg for the lucky chap who is looking for them". I'd stick the TH cars waaaaaaaaay back in the pegs so you'd have to search for them (plus, they'd be out of the prying eyes of my fellow employees who thought that they had cannibalized the TH's straight out of the boxes upon arrival of the delivery truck).

    Sure enough, they'd not be there for more than a day or two before someone snagged it ... not a salesperson, but a regular customer. :D

    BTW - are all of those HW's "uppers" in the main blog photo above yours? If so, do you disassemble them for a reason? Or is the photo not yours but more of a "stock photo" type of thing? I see a lot of very recent cars in the pile.

    I'd love to have the Flash Gordon Drag Bus that you featured back on March 7th, 2013. Beautiful car ... not sure how you managed to score that one. (O_O)! ;-P

    Also, I'm looking forward to tracking down the '70 PLYMOUTH AAR CUDA (METAFLAKE SILVER) ~ 2ND COLOR vehicle as I really liked the first version. This version looks even cooler. :D

    So in closing here, thanks once again for all of your enthusiasm in presenting the Hot Wheels diecast cars for others to view.

    Take care,


    1. Hi trollcrusher.
      Thank you for your times on writing such a heart-felt comment on my blog, mate. :) Really really appreciate it.. :D

      You are welcome on my try-to-update all the latest hot wheels cars blog which took most of my time writing on them. I just want to share with all the HOT WHEELS fans out there for what's new, what's already on the market & what's HOT in this line of HOT WHEELS car models.

      I have been in this HOT WHEELS cars business since the year 2004 in my little shop in a small town in Malaysia. And i tell you man.. what interests me from the beginning is the 2004 mainline series of a car model called 'TOONED TOYOTA SUPRA (#008) SILVER. When i first saw this car, i immediately fall in love of it. Haha.. Do you know how much i was selling at that time? Only RM4.80! (USD1.55 - today's currency rate) At that time, not much of people were interested in HOT WHEELS in my town. Its very funny if you think of it now.. :D

      Before i was selling HOT WHEELS car models in 2004, i was the only one toy shop in my town that sells MCFARLANE SPAWN ACTION FIGURES! I tell you man.. during early '00s, there were alot of things that are not as up-to-date as what we have now in 2013. Since i was young, i always love toys like soldiers, battlefield action figures or some extreme toys with gore-like figures & you might think that's nasty or something, but for me, i just like something unique..something with excellent paint jobs & a sense of realistic in them. And so, there you have it.. MCFARLANE toys were the most excellent choice for me as a collection of mine before i started my own toy shop in 2004.

      With a shop & a toy business to run, it really felt so good to have a job that i like the most & to fulfill ones wish for the toys they loved.

      But today, a collection of HOT WHEELS cars is totally different from the good old days when we don't have high volume of access to internet & to show off abit of ones collection. Don't get me wrong, showing off for ones collection is totally different when you compared to what's it like in today's modern world which you don't have to go to ones home for visiting ones collection but you can easily upload your collections in just photos. The feels & senses are totally changed.

    2. Yes, its true about the TH Green stripe where MATTEL has finally changed their strategies to put out all different kinds of categories which in its has either the regular TH or the superised TH car models. Hope that this will last for like a few years before people are getting smarter and starts to do the same like the GREEN STRIPES TH. Now in Malaysia its like HOT WHEELS WARS around collectors, sellers & those who sell for the sake of earning more profit. Its sad though.. but we will see the lights of all these coz there's always a good side & the bad side, right? :D

      Just remember this.. we don't have to compare with others but to build your own interests around what you see fit coz there is no ends to ones greed if you keep pushing yourself.

      And i totally agreed to what you did for letting others have what you already have or you can wait that someday or some other time you will get what you want for the car model you are so keen of. A very 2 THUMBS WAY~~UP for you, trollcrusher! :D And i wish everyone would do the same like you and be like you. If you see on the every list of the mainline HOT WHEELS series, there is always like 240 or 250 different car models every year & each year, HW will have 20 to 40 new casting car models. Not everyone can have full collection of every car models there is.. so, choose what you really like and not to follow what's other people's like. Someday when you grow old enough and when you look back to what you have accomplished just for the collection you have had, you will have a smile on your face and not a word would come out from it. Because you knew it is your doing and not others... :)

      Ok. Let's fast forward to the present here.. ah yes, those cars from my blog banner is my photo and yes, i did disassemble them for customization purposes. I always like to explore more deeper on my imaginations on these wonderful casting such as body color, body art & various wheels types. It never ends though. :D

      Regarding the 2013 pop culture Flash Gordon Drag Bus..i import them from oversea because in my home town, there is non to be found in local toy shop even in Toys R Us. So, most of my cars are imported ones. I'm sure you will be able to find one in your area there. If not, you can always come back to me and maybe we could work something out of it, ok. :)

      '70 Plymouth AAR CUDA is really an AWESOME model!! If you look back in previous years like say 2010 mainline series, there are 3 wonderful body colors to own, WHITE, YELLOW & BLUE with FLAT BLACK roof top & bonnet. These cars are really something.. Hope you get yourself the 2nd color version of 2013 soon, ok. :)

      Lastly but not least, i thanks to you too for your infinite supports & your times on my little blog. Its my pleasure to keep you all updated & hopefully will have more interesting and great news just for you all.

      See you all soon & take care, folks. :D

    3. Thanks for your very detailed reply to my earlier post.

      It has been most eye-opening to learn about how you came into the realm of collecting / selling / customizing Hot Wheels cars and so on. Interesting stuff indeed.

      Regarding the SPAWN toys ... I had A LOT of them back in the mid-1990's, but wound up selling my collection when I ran into threadbare times in the personal finances department. :-( My collection was MINT ... down to the quality of the cards and the paintwork on the figures themselves.

      If I came across an item that I knew that I wanted, but it had a slight paint defect, I'd pass on it and continue looking. Same applied to the packaging ... a nick or cardboard separation at the corners would be a "pass over and on to the next one" occurrance for myself.

      Same thing applies with the Hot Wheels ... I've found some cars that I've really looked forward to acquiring, however, the tampos might be off ever so slightly or the packaging has taken a hit or two in the shipping / packing process. I was very intrigued by the small photo series that you did a couple of months ago which laid out how some of your Mattel 72-pack box shipments had arrived with bent corners and whatnot due to the thinner cardboard / butcher's paper used as packing or separation material.

      Lastly, I am amazed that you are able to take all of the cars apart and then reassemble them. Pretty cool stuff. I'm not mechanically inclined, so if I ever did something like that (or attempted to do so), the end result for me would be having a Hot Wheels car come out looking like a Transformers toy or something. An oversized wheel here, a tiny wheel there, a mish-mash of different coloured windows, etc.

      Speaking of customization, you need to check out the following entry on a blog also devoted to HW's vehicles.

      This guy was able to customize a HW's Lamborghini Aventador into the newest Lamborghini Veneno just using images taken of it at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

      Probably one of the best customization jobs that I've seen executed on such short notice and within a very brief time after the 1:1 vehicle had made its debut. Beautiful work by the customizer.

      OK ... gonna scoot here.

      Thanks again for your welcome reply and I do appreciate you taking the time out of your day to do so.

      Take care and I shall see you around on your blog here.




    4. Wow!! That customizer was like legends ..most of the forum that i visited has their talks & their amazing custom works..

      Well, that is their hard work & lots of patient into customizations.. What i am most admire of their custom works is how they come up with the side mirror, body skirts & spoiler. Awesome.. its like the real thing. :)

      I am not expert in custom work but i like to explore how far can i go with their body art & paint job. i haven't got time for the body parts yet.. Just to think of all the colors i need to apply to just one car model already makes my head explode! BOOM!! haha... :)

      Just today, i was searching for errors on 2013 models to the latest, i accidentally found out about 'dry transfer' decal paper which has printed art on it. It is much easier to apply then water slide decal paper. But there is also pros n cons for it and one is that if it stuck to wrong position, i don't think you can un-stick it. For further info, you can check it out at youtube. Nice stuff.. :)

      Well, gotto go now.. Thanks for your comment, bro.
      Take care & see you on my blog soon. :)

    5. No problem.

      Glad that you enjoyed the Lambo customization link that I provided in my previous comment.

      Keep at it when it comes to your own customization work / skills.

      Practice - Practice - Practice.


      Cheers mate!



  2. ur info helps a lot.. thanks..

    1. Thanks, man.
      I'm glad it helps. :)

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    3. hi. i don't know how to exchange link bro.
      maybe i just stick to what i do best here.. writing my blog.. hehe Thanks for the offer, bro. :D

    4. ohhh no problem :)
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    5. Thanks, bro. :)
      But i will go visit your blog frequently, ok. :D