Tuesday, 1 April 2014


The full list for this year's HOT WHEELS RETRO ENTERTAINMENT has been revealed by most of the diecast car toy's web sites, we have learn that The Simpsons' THE HOMER mobile will be in CASE E wave. It's very exciting to see the final touch up for the entire body tampo and we finally have a full body just revealed to us somewhere in late March 2014. Of course, as we all know that in this Retro Entertainment series, all the cars will be built with diecast/metal body & base with the add on of REAL RIDER RUBBER TIRES / SPECIAL WHEELS. You will be amazed when you see the pics below. Check it out.
Both domes has been painted LIME GREEN, SILVER PAINTED SIDE MIRRORS & THE SPEAKER ON ROOF TOP. Rear mobile has been fully tampo-ed. Not just the base is made of diecast but also the front grill as well. This will be one of the coolest diecast cars in 2014! This casting first spotted with unspun / unrivited version.

The Retro Entertainement C Case wave has not yet to be seen anywhere except in New Zealand where the carded version has been spotted there. Many are still anxious to get their hands on this batch as we all know that we are definitely the fans of NEED FOR SPEED! Never mind about the outcome of any critics about the movie - good or bad, we still love the cars in its movie. :D

So, we presume that the Retro Entertainment for Case E series will be out soon in JUNE 2014. Keep your eyes wide open and look out for this batch when it release then.

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Keep up your spirit high and happy hunting! See you all soon. :D

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