Tuesday, 1 April 2014


The first one to released for this highly anticipated case after so many exciting cases has been released within this early year is this 2014 Mainline J Cases which has the code - JJW by U.S. seller spotted on eBay site. This is so exciting even though we only have the outer look of this case but not the entire carded version yet. Hot Wheels official web site already released some sneak peeks for some of the cars which you will be getting in this wave. Check it out.
This is special because normally U.S. zone will always get the INTERNATIONAL Cases first released in their market but this time around, we have seen the U.S. Cases being released first. This is not the first time though. Hopefully we will see both version all at the same time and see what we will have in this entire J Cases. These are some of the cars that you will see in this wave. Check it out.
Normally, every case will have 26 to 28 new & recolor cars. So, we have seen 9 cars including the 2014 9TH REGULAR TREASURE HUNT #148 TWINDUCTION (DARK BLUE)! Very very cool choice indeed! Can't wait to see more.. :D
Oh.. Remember that every Case will have more than just one case code and every different case code will have different assortment which you will not find a complete set of 26 to 28 different cars in it (each case contains 72 cars), ok. New casting will normally have 3 to 4 same cars now. Recolor cars will have 1 to 2 same cars in one case. Not to include the recently new casting of the Star Trek starship - #75 U.S.S. Vengeance (DARK GREY), which only have 2 same starship in one case. This is because the structure of the starship is quite large and if one case also contains larger vehicle model, some new models will have smaller quantity in it. For now, we have been missing out one of our popular video uploader named mushedroom for doing a fantastic job in unboxing almost all the Hot Wheels cases in you tube channel. The recent one will be the 2014 H Case. Hopefully he will be back soon to keep all of us posted and up-to-date. :D

Thank you for visiting my blog & as always, i will keep you posted, ok.
Take care guyz! See you all soon. :D

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