Friday, 15 November 2013


When i was compiling all the cars found in 2014 Hot Wheels Mainline C Case series, normally 1 Hot Wheels case (full case consist of 72 cars) contains 25 new recolors as well as new castings, i found out that i missed out one car which can't be found on net or any other web sites which can have a full view of the carded version called FANGSTER. First, I sourced out this car model at which only have this picture (Sunday - 3rd of November 2013):
And after seeing the video post by Rich 'Mushedroom' Kim (today - 15.November.2013), i finally have a full view of this casting. Check it out.
NOTE: One thing i found it very funny about the video is that when Kim finally have this casting to be first briefly review, he don't sound much happy to see this car and of course, he quickly just throw it far away (not as far as the yellow car called Quicksand)! :D But i do enjoy his video (and other videos on opening hot wheels cases).

This pic was actually screen captured from his video and anyone who has already seen his video, which the video itself also stated that there is no treasure hunt being found during the filming of his video. No one will ever suspect that this casting will be the next year's 3rd REGULAR TREASURE HUNT! Haha.. This information was finally confirmed by t-hunted web site that the very first pic to confirm this casting was the regular treasure hunt of the INTERNATIONAL SHORT CARDED 2014 #53 FANGSTER (BLUE). The 'FIRE' regular treasure hunt symbol was found at the rear of this casting. Check it out..
Very very unexpected that we will have this casting to be the 3rd regular treasure hunt next year Hot Wheels mainline series. Whether you like it or not, it is still part of the treasure hunt series which need to be added to ones collection in order to have a full complete collection of the regular treasure hunt series.

I have been waited for few days now just to find out which one is the 3rd treasure hunt of 2014 mainline series. Now we finally have our answered. :D

One thing that i found weird is that no one has ever posted this casting in eBay web site nor any other web sites since the first released of 2014 C Case spotted on 13th of November 2013. And there are only a few of 2014 INTERNATIONAL SHORT CARD found in eBay and some other web sites. 

Anyway, i will have a full list of the 2014 C Case new released coming up soon.
Stay tune for more updates, ok.
Thanks for visiting my blog & wish you all happy hunting. :)
See you all soon. :D

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  1. found this at Alamanda Putrajaya
    Already have one, lets others have it too