Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Finally, we have a new casting / model spotted under the category HW CITY - #8 PAGANI HUAYRA (METAFLAKE RED). This car model is the latest new model which MATTEL has never come out in the past years until now. This is only the beginning of a sneak peak just for you all. Let's have a look..
Not much.. but as you can see, roof top is in black .. quite similar to last year's 2012 NEW MODEL #24 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (METAFLAKE RED). Using CHROME JAPAN 5 (J5) SPOKES WHEELS. PAGANI HUAYRA is an ITALIAN mid-engined sports car produced by Pagani. For more info on this model you can always look at it here. One of the interesting models this year & i believe its gonna be one of the TOP MOST WANTED CAR in 2013 mainline series. :) I will definitely gonna show you more on this model later this APRIL. :D

Now, the second car model that i am gonna show you here is the HW CITY #7 BMW M3 (BLUE) which is this year's 2nd body color. The 1st body color is in GREY. Let's have a look..
Well, for me, i think i still prefer BLUE rather than GREY as you can see it has a better taste of look than the first body color, right? :) I love BMW car models very much but this is definitely not one of my favourite indeed. hehe.. :P

Overall, PAGANI HUAYRA looks exotic enough to attract alot of attention around the world. Always a choice to grab one of this model coz the reason is simple.. its the first new casting & always will be one of the worth collecting model in this year's mainline series. For BMW M3 (BLUE) is always favorable for those who loved any series of the BMW car model. A right choice is never too late to grab it soon once it came out possibly in this year's mainline CASE CODE K which we will see in some markets early April.

Alright now, got to go have my dinner now..
Its always been my pleasure to show latest car models for all the HW fans all around the world & i hope you have a good day & i will see you all soon. Thank you for your visiting & your times.
Take care. :)


  1. kelvinator21 ....

    If I wanted to pass along some photos for you to use with regard to a Hot Wheels car that I just happened to have found earlier today at a local store that I frequent on a weekly basis to see if they've received new shipments of Hot Wheels cars, how would I go about contacting you?

    If need be, here is my email address and then you can contact me and provide your email address and I'll pass along either a link to a personal cloud file that I use or just send you the .jpg images via email.

    I haven't taken the pics yet as I am in the process of using a pair of clamps on the lower edge of the card to take a slight bend out of it. I'll probably shoot pics of it within the next couple of days. First off, I don't have a camera anywhere near the quality that you have / you use for your photos ... mine isn't too keen on macro shots. :-( However, I'll do what I can.

    The car in question is the 2013 "Bump Around" vehicle as seen at the following links:



    Once again, I'll see what I can do on shooting some snaps of it (it is still in the package).

    Here is my email address to contact me (just remove the added spaces in between the letters and add the @ sign and period where they should be in the email address):

    b i o p i x e l s [ a t ] g m a i l [ d o t ] c o m

    Good deal then.

    Take care,



  2. Hi Trollcrusher,
    Yes, you may send the pics to me and i have ready send you an email regarding this matter.
    Its ok about he low resolution on your cam capture.
    I'll just have a look and see what i can do for you.
    Thanks for your suggestion, bro. :)

  3. Good deal Kelvin ...

    Got your email and sent you a reply.

    Give me a couple of days here to take the photos ... hopefully they come out well.




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