Sunday, 15 February 2015


Wow!! This year Mattel's Hot Wheels productions is becoming like FAST & FURIOUS kinda speed eh.. not even the carded version of the 10th Super TH$ Lancer Evolution have surfaced just yet and we have already sighted probably the 9th Super TH$ which queue up for this model called 8 Crate! Again, i think someone in the Hot Wheels department really likes the color red eh.. not just simply any red.. but the infamous SPECTRAFLAME DARK RED that has been used in most of the Super TH$ series. Check it out.
Most of the time when the first released of any Super TH$ models, International Long Carded edition should be first seen on sight but this model as we seen here is in U.S. Long Carded edition. What so special about this model beside using the normal rubber tires with chrome 5 spokes wheels is the windows that came in purple color! What an unusual mixed of color eh.. But i loved this mixture already even though i have not seen it in real model at hands yet. At this early stage, the price for it will be enormously outrageous as for who is the one whose selling it at first hands and who has the quantity for it. So no rush people.. no rush.. For the first time in my experience in selling Hot Wheels, this year, the prices for Hot Wheels mainline series is getting out of hands as it is more expensive than ever even for a single normal car. Some collectors i've known has begun to loose faith of what is going to be in the next few months or even a short years to come just to be in loved with small cars & to collect them as hobby. Even most of the Hot Wheels retailers online has begun raising the prices not only for selling a single car but also in full cases. In 2008, a single case selling for US$59.99 and now in 2015, they are selling US$79.99! A single case contains 72 cars. Rumor was that Mattel is aiming for small children to buy their products to increase more sell but what we have seen so far is aiming for adults i guess. Now, we can only seat back and enjoy what other people that still can afford it with their posted pictures and look at it in visual form for now.

Thank you for visiting my blog and i hope we can still afford to buy Hot Wheels cars coz we loved them very very much and there are still alot more exciting cars to come. Just like my old folks was saying to the owner of a shop that rent the shop to us, we will do whatever we can to still run the business until we can't afford to rent the shop as the owner mark up the rental price, then we will have to move out. And there will be no one else to come and rent the shop coz no one can afford it...if you know what i mean.

Take care guyz and see you all soon.
Happy New Year to all who celebrate Chinese New Year in the world & may you all gain infinite wealth, good health & eternal love throughout your life, ok! :)

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