Tuesday, 25 March 2014


This model might not be as famous as any sports cars or JDM cars available in the market right now but MATTEL has green light this model QUICK N' SIK has an exclusive piece ONLY IN THE U.K. ZONE! Check it out.
You can also check it out the video below for the arrival format in a mail envelope form.
This model is really awesome!!
I kinda like the way Mattel designed the card especially the back cover. It shows most of the important angles of the car and the only shortage of the designed is the car's origin descriptions / introduction.
Really exciting just to see the person in this video open up the envelope to get an exclusive car from a mail box! haha.. :D One thing about Mattel sending off a carded form car model in an envelope really not cool though .. really not cool indeed, don't you agree with me? Most of the pics i found on the net for this model has alot of creases, bended, cracked on the card as well as the bubble/blister itself. Well, hopefully if Mattel really has an exclusive car to be sent out to any of the collectors out there, be sure to check with them first either to be send with solid box or envelope, even if it needs to be paid a little bit for the postage, i think it is safe to say it is alright to pay for it so that it is ensure that the exclusive car arrived safely in its original form. Maybe can also include a free protecto-pak eh.. :) Luckily, benjaminDARKE received them safely in its video. :D Congrats, bro! :)

For those of us who lived outside the U.K. zone, the only way to get this model is from either buy it from a friend in the U.K. or buy it from eBay site. hehe.. :)
This model will be the 4th edition body colors since its original released in MARCH 2013 (mainline J Cases) and 5th edition for its variation in various wheels used. I will elaborate more on this model in my upcoming post, ok. Stay tune. :)
Thank you for visiting my blog and good luck in hunting, ok.
See you all soon.Take care. :D

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