Thursday, 13 February 2014


Hi everyone! First, i would like to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR & to those who celebrates CHINESE NEW YEAR, A HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR & WISH YOU ALL A PROSPEROUS YEAR AHEAD, OK ( Today is the 14th days of Chinese New Year celebration which is the 2nd last day - so its still not to late to wish a good wishes to all, ya :D ). Sorry for being away so long as life is always getting busy and busy for most of my life - i guess some people do too eh.. :) Anyway, Mattel has been busy as well mass producing so many new cars that til recently, i can't miss this for the world, which is Mattel has also finally gained the license to produced one of the world's most catching eyes super sport cars in the mankind history .. (well, maybe too much saying eh, but here it goes.. ) - LAMBORGHINI VENENO!! Another awesome add on to the Lamborghini's family. I have been praying so hard that one day, Mattel will produced this model and i know, so many people do too, right. Before Mattel, Kyosho & MR COLLECTION has already market their own brands for this model last year (2013). From 1:64 to 1:18 scale models, this model really looks delicious and really attracts people a powerful magnetic suction! Which is why the name of this model is very obvious, 'VENENO' which also means 'POISON' in Spain. Let's skip the lesson & history and get right to the point, shall we. :)

The very 1ST model that has been spotted in this early stage only has the view on top surface and a little bit of side of this cool casting. Check it out.
Not just the body is made of diecast/metal material, the rear spoiler is also made of diecast too. And if you really look at it, it is really really detailed! It seems that the body color should be the same as the real model which i compared it in the picture shown above. If you take a closer look at the side of the model, you can actually see that the body tampo color - RED, WHITE & GREEN, is to be the exact same as the actual model. Since this is gonna be in the Hot Wheels mainline series, the wheels will be in plastic material and i have the picture that shown the use of the first wheels for this first NEW CASTING of 2014 that we will be seeing soon.
As shown in the pictures above, we now know that its gonna be brilliant to have chosen this standard type of wheels - RED CHROME RIM WITH BLACK DOUBLE 5 SPOKES (PR5) WHEELS, just like the first time when HOT WHEELS came out the very first LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR (ORANGE) with BLACK DOUBLE 5 SPOKES (PR5)WHEELS back in the year of 2012. The front wheels will be small and the rear is in large size. The designed is not just awesome on the outer look but also in the inside as well. Let's have a look.
This is not a laughing matter when it comes to designed for the finest car & quickly be recognized by most of Hot Wheels collectors around the world that this is the designed made by Mattel. Just look at the detailed especially the body chassis and the car's interior. Speechless.. For the windshield, i don't have a clear picture for it but it is in smoke tinted plastic windows which still visible to see inside the car's interior.

And lastly but not least, the bottom surface of the base has stamped a simple wording of 'Lamborghini Veneno' with no number indicates which quarter of this year that this model will be releasing.

Let's hope that we will see more angles for this model coming real soon, alright.
To learn more about this cool model, you can click here and check it out, ok.
Thank you for all your support and visiting my blog. Will have more updates for you all soon, ok.
Stay happy & healthy always. Take care! :)

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