Wednesday, 4 December 2013


This is one of the coolest 2014 SUPER TREASURE HUNT$ so far.. It has been spotted on 3.DECEMBER.2013. As you all know that in this early stage, we can only have a little peak on this awesome Chevy at this time. Not to mentioned how the looks of the full carded version will be look like, this is no doubt one of the finest matching color that we have seen so far exclusively from the sellers in the net. Check it out, guyz.. :)
Again, the SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT logo has once again been used for the 2nd time in the super treasure hunt$ series. The 1st one is used by last year's super treasure hunt$ '67 Camaro (SPECTRAFLAME STEEL BLUE). Body tampos were almost full (roof top, top bonnet & both side of the car) except for the rear top trunk, no painted spoiler, no headlights & tail lights. I like the purple paint used for its body and not so satisfied with the rubber tires, though. If the body is dark, what needs to be lighten up is always the wheels itself. A red line rubber tires with CHROME COBRA (multi-spokes) wheels would look even taster! :D

If you take a closer look at the grey base, there is no sign of the number stamped on it. Normally there will be a number stamped on it to indicate when is this car is in production and we can indicate which case will this model appear in it. So now we can only assume that this the 7th Super Treasure Hunt$ of 2014 after the 6th ('55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser). This is still in the early stage. Probably we will be seeing more angles of this casting once the official release sometimes in early January 2014 and if we are lucky, we might see the carded version in this late December 2013.

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