Saturday, 8 June 2013


Another new TRANSFORMERS' vehicle has been surfaced 21 hours ago and this time its more exciting than ever.. LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP 700-4 COUPE (MATTE GREY)! Michael Bay himself announced it in his tweeter but no words of which character this sexy machine will be. Some says that this might be the SIDESWIPE which last time (cartoons) appears in a form of LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH LP500S! Check it out..
SIDESWIPE has been in so many forms since Generation 1 in its appearance. But i will mentioned just a few which caught my attention. One of the cool form he is in is this one from FALL OF CYBERTRON - HASBRO toy line series. DAMN COOL!! A FUTURISTIC STYLE INDEED!

One of the genius TRANSFORMERS FAN nickname saramilton has created fan art for SIDESWIPE in a form of this upcoming LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR! AWESOME!! AWESOME!! :D

I have previously posted the rest of the Autobots in HERE which you can check them out..
I saw the announcement this morning & i manage to come up with almost a similar to the early movie version. This is in HOT WHEELS version.. Check it out..
 Well, the wheels i used is not exactly the same coz you know, HOT WHEELS never have the exact pattern of the original wheels used in Aventador. So, maybe if i got the spare times, i will try to come up with one, hopefully.haha.. :D  The body color i used is the CUSTOM MATTE METAFLAKE GREY which the color really looks stunning when you finished the paint job.

I am so excited and so ~ ~~ happy that MICHAEL BAY has chosen this vehicle as one of the robots in his upcoming TRANSFORMERS movie!  I can't wait to see the DECEPTICONS vehicles .. hopefully most of them may be in the form of sexy sport cars like say some of the JAPANESE sport cars eh..! hehe :)

Alright, that's all for now and i hope there will be gonna have lots of good news in this upcoming TRANSFORMERS 4 movie soon. Thank you for all your times & again, i see you all soon.
Take care! :D

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