Monday, 18 February 2013


This will be a wonderful news for collectors whose interested in big truck carrying small vehicle on the rear trunk .. or those who is interested in BONE SHAKER OR OFF TRACK models. This set is interesting that the large truck has similar looks on the vehicle in the set. Let's check it out..

 Take a closer look at the front skull.. it is different from the Bone Shaker's skull structure.
More fierce looking SKULL!! IF ONLY the Bone Shaker can be change to this fierce looking skull eh..

 The body tampos is really awesome!! And the skulls is in RED and BLACK for both MATTE BLACK & METAFLAKE GREEN BONE SHAKER.

 Here we also have a really nice body tampos on Hot Wheels cars - OFF TRACK!!
Comes with 2 colors - GREY & YELLOW. Check it out..

Now that we have seen these amazing tampos on these special pack, I can assure you that you will see more great body tampos soon .. either in MAINLINE SERIES as well as in the BOULEVARD & POP CULTURE series.. coming your way real soon..
For now, let's enjoy all the pics that we have right here for just for you..
For this truckin' tracks series, it is getting harder to find & if you have found one just like this & you really like this casting or you are one of the BONE SHAKER or OFF TRACK collectors, be sure to grab one the moment you saw it coz it will be very hard to get one after this. Trust me.. :)

Alright. Thanks for viewing my blog and your time.
Be sure to check right back coz i am gonna get more news and surprises for you all, ok.
Have a good day. :D

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