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I'm sure most people have their own dreams or desires car(s). For me, i am so crazy about BATMOBILE ever since HOT WHEELS came out 'THE' BATMOBILE BASED ON THE MOVIE BATMAN in 1989 featuring Michael Keaton as the batman. Waited so long when i was just a little boy til 2004 when i manage to open my own toy shop and got the chance to collect the real DIECAST/METAL BATMOBILE with 1/18 scale BATMOBILE from HOT WHEELS.

Fast forward til 2010, when HOT WHEELS first released the Batmobile pictures for cartoon series 'Batman: The Brave & The Bold", i have fall in love with the Batmobile again..So, before i can obtain the Batmobile, out of desperation, i manage to use the white paper clay to craft myself a Batmobile prototype not 100% accurate as the Batmobile that the Hot Wheels has produced, but i satisfied for sometimes right after 2 more months, Hot Wheels Batmobile has arrived in the palm of my hands..haha..So.. let's jump to the pictures where i step by step how i crafted my own Batmobile by just using a simple pictures from Hot Wheels official web site.
This custom batmobile using paper clay was made in 20th of May 2010.
 Beside the white paper clay is the THE DARK KNIGHT RISES BATMAN TUMBLER, which has a magnet that uses to stick to any metal e.g. refrigerator. Nice detail as well.
 And below is where all the real works begins.. 
 So, this one came out sometimes in 29th or 30th of July 2010. I was so excited to have this in hands.
Quickly, i taken out the Batmobile and starts to take some shots at it to see how it goes with the camera's angles.. Since then.. i have been unable to sleep soundly coz i was thinking of how to customized this beauty.. so here's how it goes ...
 The Chrome 10 spokes wheels looks good but with rubber tires Mag style 5 spokes wheels...
 Just hang in there, ok. almost to the exciting parts now.. so, the rubber wheels looks great ..what about changing the front wheels to REDLINE CHROME MAG STYLE 5 SPOKES WHEELS..

 Enough of the rubber wheels.. i just felt like there's still something missing which i am still not satisfied with.. And so.. i decided to go beyond the imagination..
Since a bigger wheels has been applied and with the extension of multiple exhaust-pipes (the pipes was taken from Ratbomb, in case you are wondering..and the front rubber tires & rear large rubber tires was taken from Maisto cars)..and the color black looks just good enough.. until the 2 words appeared in my head.. saying 'What If' the body color change to CHROME.
 Then i compare to the Batmobile Tumbler again.. Well.. almost like cousin already.. haha..
 But...i was wondering if the engine can sustain such large rear wheels or i decided to go deep modification of the front bonnet...and the multiple exhaust-pipes below the front seat has been removed so that the front engines can fit into the front bonnet...
 And since the Batmobile has all the power it needs to beyond the speed.. let me introduced the weaponry which was taken from alien technologies WORLD SMALLEST TRANSFORMERS - MEGATRON & THRUST (DECEPTICON  JET FIGHTER)...
 The bullets was taken from 1/6 scale military weapon accessories. I also make sure that all these engines & weapon does not block the view as well.. haha..The front side bonnet has been saw off in order to fit the large engines with scoops..these was taken from HardNose Twin Mill..

Before i sign off.. i would like to share during my birthday in 2010, since i have mentioned that i have not been sleeping well just because of this fine Batmobile and always neglected with my girl about this Batmobile day & night.. so she decide to surprised me with something so unique that i have never had in my life before.. THE BATMOBILE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!
At first, we don't know where to put the candle the end.. it is beside the bat wing..hehe..
And believe it or not.. this cake was made in local shop and it only takes 1 day to complete it. :D
So.. there you have it, folks.. I hope you enjoy my pictures and til next time.. i will upload more pics & news.. ok. Thank you for your time & have a good one.. :)

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