Thursday, 27 September 2012


As the 2012 mainline cars has all been released in the beginning of September 2012, MATTEL has released another exclusively for KROGER. It comes with foil packaging which contains sticker for each cars and a mini tracking poster. These cars will never reach to Malaysia and also even in the U.S., it is very very limited and hard to get all cars in a set. Not even to get a hold of the pictures which you can surf on the google search engine to find out all cars in good quality pictures. So here's a rough pictures to get you started & get a view of all the 12 cars complete set looks like. Let's have a look..
Before we get to the pics, here's the full list of the car's name (not in order form):
Lamborghini Aventador (YELLOW)
- '86 Monte Carlo (MAROON)
- Fast Fish (SILVER)
- Mazda RX-7 (PEARL WHITE)
- '72 Ford Gran Torino Sport (LITE BLUE)
- Custom '11 Camaro (DARK GREEN)
- '64 Lincoln Continental (BLACK)
- '69 Mercury Cougar (BLUE)
- '70 Camaro Road Race (BURNT ORANGE/COPPER)
- Prototpye H-24 (BURNT ORANGE)
- Fangula (DARK BLUE)
- Nerve Hammer (SILVER)

So .. good luck to all of you out there..
As you all can see.. these are very fine cars indeed! Especially the Mazda RX-7(PEARL WHITE) & the LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR (YELLOW).
Will have more detailed on the cars soon once these arrived somewhere next week.
Thank you for looking & have a good day. :)

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